Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mobile Learning Gets Higher Course Completion Rates?

I've seen some evidence that learners are more likely to complete mobile learning courses (like the ones created with mLearning Studio) than traditional online courses. I assume this is because it is more convenient and thereby more enjoyable, removing the tedious barrier of having to sit in one place to get it done. Also, learners can do smaller chunks when they have time: waiting in line at the grocery store, at a restaurant, and on and on (think of all of the places we now compulsively pull out our mobile device while we wait).

This reminds me of a trend I think I heard mentioned on the radio (though I can't find a link to it online): more people are reading the news because they can access it on mobile devices.

This all fits into a larger pattern. If it is easier, it's more likely to get done. 'No duh,' you might say. I agree. But it has profound implications for training. Perhaps the ease of access via mobile devices will help us become more likely to be lifelong learners in our careers and other areas of life.

How about you? Have mobile devices increased the likelihood you complete things that you didn't as much before? Do you think implementing mobile learning will make it more likely that learners will complete courses?


Robert Gadd said...

In our experience, having content produced and available for consumption via mobile learning is certainly an enabler but does not necessarily lead to higher completion rates. Sure, providing compliance-related content in a mobile format often increases completion rates and, more likely, accelerates these rates due to the fact learners need not come into the office to complete those assignments they can do while commuting, lunching, whatever. And interest in mobile is not universal - the people who like mobile devices and gadgets are more inclined to use them than those who don't like them for sure -- I'd wager its the same for those reading the news on mobiles too -- but there's likely increased uptake for all of these. I'd say the real key to all of this is providing learners with the choice and some flexibility to learn where and when they want. One of the nice things about your upcoming mLearning Studio offering is manifest in the fact that learners can choose to consume the content in whatever delivery modality they prefer in any instance - and with SCORM-level tracking, its conceivable that learners can actually start on one and finish on the other!

Garin Hess said...

Robert, thanks for the comment. Yes, with mLearning Studio being able to publish to both Flash (for desktop browsers) and HTML5 (for mobile browsers) the learner will be able to start on one and finish on the other. As far as I know Rapid Intake is the only one doing that so far.

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I also have the same experience, online learning has definitely changed the way we learn. Thank you very much.