Saturday, February 9, 2008

Record-breaking Attendance at Unison Launch

Here’s a little more on our launch of Unison earlier this week. We were amazed at the generous response. Over 450 different companies (about 800 individuals) expressed interest in using Unison. Here are a few quotes:

“You guys are nailing it!”

“I have been looking for two years for something like this!”

“Wow! That pricing model is definitely attractive.”

We were pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming response at the show:

Here’s another pic of the crowds from another angle:

We gave away Wiis at the Unison launch. Here we are with some of our winners. Collaborative e-learning = collaborative prizes.

Here is our booth at the show, right before the expo opened. Look at the beautiful 24″ iMacs! How is it that I’m jealous of our own booth equipment? :)

Isaac showing off his demo station: